Mouthing Off: Taylor Bingaman

Taylor Bingaman
Backside tailslide. Photo: Hainault

What golf courses do you play in San Diego?
Whatever is cheap that day online. [laughs].

Do you have a San Diego city card?
No dude, I’m blowing it! I just need to go in. It’s so much cheaper.

What are your favorite courses then? Not just what’s cheap.
Well Torrey Pines is really fun. I played there and La Costa. Those are nice.

Did Torrey kick your ass?
It was definitely hard if you don’t hit the fairway, the rough is thick. But I only lost one ball there. I mean there’s not that many trees.

You ever get a hole in one?
No, dude. I almost sunk it like a basketball shot one time, it was like three inches away in the air—but then it rolled off the green [laughs].

Have you gotten birdies or an eagle?
No eagles. I’ve seen Chad Bartie get an eagle, on a par four—he drove it onto the green. It was insane. I’ve gotten birdies, but no eagles. I’m still waiting.

So are you going to have a full part in the Osiris video?
Yeah, it’s not your standard four-minute part or whatever, but it’s my own part. I think it’s like two-and-a-half or three minutes.

And then you’re going to have a full part in the Creature video that’s just a month after that?
Yeah, I think it got pushed back a couple months, but it’s still right around the corner so it’s definitely stressful right now.

Are you going for any last minute tricks for the Osiris video, or are you done?
I think I’m pretty much done. I know Jim has his hands full and I’m stoked on my part, so I’m just gonna let him work on everything else.

Got any big plans for Halloween on Wednesday?
No, I’m trying to find something to do, you know of anything [laughs]?

Come to the Belly Up.
Oh really? I might have to do that.

Otherwise you’ll have to give candy to trick-or-treating bums in OB.
Nah I keep the lights off, keep them away.

Get ready for the worldwide premiere of Osiris’ full length video Never Gets Old premiering right here on on November 12, 2012.