Osiris ‘Never Gets Old’ World Premiere Party

On Saturday night Osiris held the global premiere of their full length video, Never Gets Old, to a packed house at the TransWorld Skatepark.  People came from all over the globe for the premiere night of catered food and beverages in the VIP room, plus an open park to get their skate on before showtime. The video premiered around 7:00 and featured banging parts from Taylor Bingaman, Chad Bartie, Jamie Palmore, Kellen James, Caswell Berry, Lee Yankou, Peter Raffin, Corey Duffel, and JT Aultz.  The entire Osiris squad was on hand for a night that never got old as people stayed late for the festivities.  Check the photo gallery below for pics from the night.

If you missed the premiere party be sure to visit skateboarding.com for an exclusive, 24-hr online premiere of Never Gets Old on Monday November 12.  After that we’ll be dropping the individual parts weekly, and have a download of the full video in December.