Our Favorite 2012 Covers & The Stories Behind Them

Like we did last year, each of our senior photographers picked their favorite cover that they shot and shared the story behind it. Enjoy this peek behind what goes into a TransWorld cover.

Mike O’Meally

The Chris Pfanner gap to 5-0 was my favorite this year. Straight up gnarly. We had a really good trip running from the rain in Basque Country down to Barcelona, and Pfanner was on a hot streak. It was a really productive trip, but this set off to another level. He was a couple months shy of having his son Max, so there was a level of commitment that you always get form Pfanner, but something extra was pushing him. Crouched with my back to a wall, there wasn’t any place to go if his board shot out or he slammed on the rail – fortunately he locked it in and within 8-10 tries he was riding away from one of the hairiest stunts I’ve seen him do so far. It was at the end of a good day filming for the upcoming Vans video, and the footage will no doubt confirm Chris Pfanner as one of the gnarlier skaters out there. The fact that it was chosen as a cover was just a great finish to a great trip, and it gets the vote for my favorite cover of 2012.