‘Perpetual Motion’ Rider Interviews


Julian Davidson Perpetual Motion
Frontside feeble grind. Photo: Barton

“Julian is a unique person. I’ve always liked the way he skated—he’s had the same style since he was a little kid, and he just grew rapidly since I’ve been on these trips with him. Watching him skate in person and seeing the way he does stuff, combined with his personality, makes him one of my favorite skaters right now—out of all the new guys and in general. Every time we go out he gets something really amazing, whether it’s him pushing himself to get the gnarliest thing or getting something that’s just awesome. He’s the MVP of every trip. He films 20 tricks a day and they’re all gnarly. I could go on and on about him.” —Kenny Anderson

What’s your favorite TransWorld video?

There are so many good ones I could never pick just one. But I really liked Sight Unseen and In Bloom a lot.

What’s your favorite TransWorld video part?

Oh man, that’s really hard. But Heath’s part is pretty f—king amazing. I’m gonna have to say Heath. That’s one of my all-time favorite TransWorld parts for sure. But there are so many amazing ones. Mike Carroll’s…

What’s always stood out about TransWorld videos to you?

The filming and the editing. They’ve always been really good videos to watch.

What does being in a TransWorld video mean to you?

That’s a hard question to answer. It’s definitely been a dream of mine since I was a kid. Growing up, I watched TransWorld videos. It’s insane to think, “Yeah, I’m filming a video part and you guys asked me to film a video part for your guys’ video.” I’m really stoked.

What’s the difference between filming for a TransWorld video versus filming for another video?

No, I feel like it’s the same. It’s just different people. I usually would film with Cole [Mathews] for the Element video, but now I’ve been filming with Jon Holland and Chris Thiessen. So that’s the only thing that’s really different. Otherwise it’s the same. It’s a cool group of dudes, and I’m stoked to be a part of it.

What makes a good video to you?

Dudes just having fun on their skateboards, pretty much. Pure fun. That’s all I want to see. I usually love every skate video.

What makes a good video part?

Try your best. That’s what I’ve been doing—just trying my best and trying to have fun. That’s pretty much all I can do. I definitely pressure myself pretty hard at times and lose it out in the streets, though—lose my mind out there.

What do you think is in store for the future of skateboarding? What direction is it headed?

I don’t know. Hopefully everyone just gets rich [laughs]. Nah, I’m just kidding [laughs]. But it seems like Street League is doing real good for everybody. Hopefully that shit keeps going and everyone can retire one day—or at least all those guys, you know? But I don’t know where skateboarding is going. There are definitely your contest guys, and then there are your style guys—like your [Christian] Hosois and your Ethan Fowlers. But I’m voting for style. I love watching solid tricks—just seeing cool people do solid tricks, making it look good and fun.

Will skateboarding ever stop progressing?

I feel like that. People are going so big, but at the same time I don’t know if people can go any crazier. Nyjah’s over here getting pretty f—king crazy, man. I’m telling you. He’s pushing the limits. I think it’ll stop at a certain point, though. But then again, people keep thinking up new stuff. And that’s what’s cool about skating—you can keep thinking up new tricks.