‘Perpetual Motion’ Rider Interviews


Silas Baxter-Neal Perpetual Motion
Frontside Smith grind. Photo: Conroy

“Silas is amazing. The dude’s not really tryin’ to prove anything. He just skates. He kills it more and more each time I see him. When he first got on Habitat, we all knew he was going to be amazing, but some of the shit that guy does is just insane. The guy is naturally good at everything he does—even gambling. We take the casinos out. I’ve taken him out pretty hard before, but we try to work together. I can definitely take him out on the beer level, though. I’m naturally gifted at that. He’s naturally gifted at skateboarding.” —Fred Gall

What’s your favorite TransWorld video?

I don’t really know what my favorite TransWorld video is, but Uno and 4 Wheel Drive were some of the first skate videos I ever saw or owned, so I think that those two are still the most memorable to me. I also really like Sight Unseen, Modus Operandi, and i.e. because I think that was a good time in skateboarding, and the dudes in those videos were keeping it sick.

What’s your favorite TransWorld video part?

Cardiel’s part in Sight Unseen was pretty f—king epic.

What does being in a TransWorld video mean to you?

It’s rad to me to be part of an awesome tradition of good skate videos.

Does a physical DVD or full-length video mean something anymore in a world of web video single parts?

Of course it means something. Maybe not to everyone, but people still collect records. The Internet has just made the whole world that much smaller, so having access to everything makes it hard to put very much value on one thing. But I think that if you like a video or an album enough you would want the real thing instead of a file on your computer.

Who have you connected with most during the filming of this video?

So far this has been the first few days of actually skating with other dudes that will be in the video. So I guess Josh and Julian are who I connected with the most so far.

What always stood out about TransWorld videos in general to you?

It always seems to me like TransWorld has made an effort to make each video noticeably different in feel and they have always tried to be leaders in quality of production. A lot of trends in filming seem to have come from TransWorld videos—probably because some of the best filmers have worked on TWS vids.

What’s the difference between filming for a TransWorld video versus filming for another video?

Well, the first difference is the time frame. Having less than a year to film a part that’s supposed to compare to some of the best video parts ever is pretty difficult. Most videos I have filmed for in the past take two or more years to complete.

What makes a good video part to you?

I like videos where people are really going for it. Just doing the best they can to rip and keep skating interesting.

What do you think is in store for the future of skateboarding? What direction is it headed?

Skateboarding is headed in every direction. It is just expanding, and now it encompasses everything. There’s plenty of room for everyone and everything now. Our little secret isn’t a secret anymore. Everyone knows how rad skateboarding is.

Perpetual Motion, coming March 2013