Prague Blog: The Osiris Experience 2013

Day 2 and 3 here in Prague. Be sure to follow all these bros on Instagram for more gems: @barney_zone, @blairlylegal, @csholland, @hainault, @lingding101, @wcoreyduffel, @kevinduffel, @jtaultz, @taylor_bingaman, @osirisskateboarding, @hansmolenkamp, @reid__reid, @chadbartie

The Old Town Square. Photo: Mike Fitz

Risk is out here with us. He’s doing some amazing pieces at the Mystic Skatepark. Photo: Blair

Old Town Square at night. Photo: Cameron Holland

A panoramic of Stalin Square. Photo: Cameron Holland

The view from Stalin Square. Photo: Cameron Holland

The colorful buildings of Prague. Photo: Cameron Holland

Taylor Bingaman hooks up a fan at the signing at Horsefeathers shop. Photo: Blair

Prague, Osiris, Corey Duffel

Candle light dinner in a dungeon with the Duffel bros. Photo: Blair

First spot of the day was a li’l crusty. Pontus, if you’re reading this, can you please make a trip to Prague? Photo: Blair

I’m pretty sure SF isn’t two hours ahead of us here. Whatevs. Photo: Blair

Prague, Osiris, JT Aultz

JT Aultz warms up with a kickflip in front of some eerie Prague apartments. Photo: Blair

Back to the heart of the city for some postcard-quality views at dusk. Photo: Blair

Our nights always end here. In the corner you can see Joey Shigeo, Lee Yankou, Mike Fitz, and Cameron Holland winding down in the Old Town Square. Photo: Blair