Prague Blog: The Osiris Experience 2013

Many of us are out here in Prague, Czech Republic, for Osiris’ annual contest The Osiris Experience. They chose the Czech capital this year and it’s the perfect place to skate, chill, and host a contest. We’ll be blogging as often as possible to keep you in the loop! Here’s our first offering from day one, nice and jetlagged:

Cruising out the front door of our hotel into the streets of Prague: Joey Shigeo, JT Aultz, Blair Alley, Taylor Bingaman, and Mike Fitz. Photo: Cuong

Lunch in the Old Town Square. Photo: Cuong

Gettin’ touristy in the old town. This arch marked the entrance to the once-walled in city. Photo: Blair

Not all the streets are skate-friendly. Photo: Blair

Street performer in the Old Town Square. Photo: Blair

Taylor Bingaman fights off jetlag on the picturesque Charles Bridge. Photo: Blair

Corey Duffel, Caswell Berry, and JT Aultz. Photo: Blair

Osiris, Prague

Getting those Cuangles… Photo: Blair

On the hike up to Stalin Square, the crew stops for a Kodak moment. Photo: Mike Fitz

The golden hour, perfect marble flat and ledges, all the homies, and no rules—perfect first day in Prague! Photo: Blair

Corey Duffel taking in the view from Stalin Square. Photo: Blair

If you’re around, come join us Saturday!