Who surprised you the most?

Jared Huss for sure. The kid’s so rad, and humble. He never ceases to amaze me. Just his bag of tricks and being so particular of the tricks he wants to put out. He’s a quality over quantity type guy.  He’s totally the kid that will go and map things out. He’ll do the research, plan it for a few days, and know exactly what to try at the spot. And it usually works out for him. It’s pretty awesome filming his part.

Jared Huss gap to fs feeble as seen in New Ground and his Check Out in the February issue of TWS.  Photo: RYAN ALLAN

For the gear heads out there what cameras did you use?

I have a canon 7D, 8-15mm fisheye, and a 50mm fixed lens L series. Panasonic HPX-175. And I fabricate my own handles for a DSLR. I’ve fabricated it to have a Manfrotto quick release on the handle so you can pop it off and quickly throw it on a tripod, track and dolly, or a jib. It’s exactly what I wanted out of a handle, and it fits in the laptop sleeve of a camera bag. I designed my handle off of a VX-1000 so the finger spacing and the thumb grip; everything is exactly the dimensions of a VX-1000 because that’s what I grew up filming with.

New Ground is a wrap, and as we’re doing this interview you’re already out in the streets filming. You didn’t want to take a vacation?

(laughs) I want to get back out there with my friends, it’s where I belong.  It’s just fun being out in the streets. Pretty much the day I got out of the editing dungeon I was back out there.

Last part shocker Ben Raybourn with Jared Lucas after the New Ground premiere at La Paloma. Photo: SHIGEO

Are you working on anything else?

Yeah I’m working on a few things. It’s going to be more quality based  web edits for the site, one a month. There’s not going to be any rhyme or reason, they’ll all be special in their own way, different themes. A guy like Tony Hawk I might do a day in the life. Or for a guy like Paul Hart, who’s kind of an up and coming kind I might spend the whole year filming him and put out a full part. Or someone like Chris Haslam going back to his hometown and filming the first curb he ollied up. Why he is where he is, using photos and time-lines and stuff.

Ben Raybourn way up there. Photo: GARRIC RAY