Screaming Hand Drawing Contest Winners

The results are in. Arvin Dumaua has won peoples choice with his Screaming TMNT hand and Jim Phillips has reviewed the entries and chosen his favorites and the winner of the Santa Cruz prize package:

As creator of the famous graphic, it was an honor to be asked by the TransWorld gang to judge a Screaming Hand drawing contest. Reviewing the amazingly creative drawings was fun. However, judging was not so easy as there were so many cool designs. I spent a long time with each one to be sure I didn’t overlook anything. I was alternately amused and impressed, and I found every sketch was creative in it’s own way. There were some real knockouts, several that looked pro, and a few minimal effort submissions. I was impressed how many obviously drew their own hand image instead of tracing a sticker. Work that looked finished took preference over one-color pencil sketches, and good ideas over clichés, I’ve seen too many ‘horns’ to consider those. If they were not titled I provided my own. Thanks to all the artists who submitted art! -Jim Phillips

Honorable mention (below) and top ten continued.

Honorable Mention: Aaron Reid’s “Slasher-off Hand” wins the award for solving the mystery of how the Screaming Hand became severed, the answer even eluding it’s creator for many years. Aaron, looks like you drew this during algebra class… So extra points for that. -Jim Phillips