Sightings: February 2014

It’s a brutal winter out there, we know, but hopefully these Sightings photos will boost your spirits and get you ready for shredding when the foul weather clears. This month’s Online Sightings features Mike Anderson, Elijah Berle, David Bowens, Chewy Cannon, Daryl Angel, Adam Taylor, Aidan Campbell, Dillon Constantine, Shuriken Shannon, Dominick Walker, Marius Syvanen, and Reggie Kelly from the lenses of Sam Muller, Mike O’Meally, Shigeo, Jaime Owens, Oliver Barton, Blair Alley, and Mikey Gould. Daylight Savings ends next week and summer is just around the corner.

Chewy Cannon, switch noseslide. Photo: MULLER

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