Skate & Create 2013 Premiere Party

On January 3, we invited the Deathwish, Toy Machine, Element, and Santa Cruz teams down to our skatepark to premiere all of their Skate & Create videos, award each team an MVP, and reveal our editors’ pick winner. All four teams got a cover, but since we chose Santa Cruz as our favorite, their cover will go out to our subscribers while the others will all be available on newsstands January 22. After the awards, we opened our photo studio to reveal all the covers and the layouts in the magazine. You’ll be seeing all the covers, photos, and videos rolling out on our site over the next several weeks, so stay tuned. You’ll be able to vote each week on your favorite cover, video, etc. to help us determine the Fan Favorite. For now, check out these photos from the premiere/awards party—all these guys worked really hard on these photos and videos and the results are phenomenal. Skate & Create forever!


Photos by Shigeo