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Blog entry 2: A Township Tavern Crawl and a feeding of the lions

Backtracking a bit here, getting picked up at the Kimberley airport with Danny Cerezini, who’s fresh off a flight from Barcelona.

Seriously one block from the airport we already saw kids skating. It’s amazing what the Kumba skate plaza has done to this city.

We got taken on a Township Tavern crawl our first night in town. This is Oupa’s Tavern, it’s been here for 40 years owned by Oupa himself.

Oupa himself welcomed us to Kimberley. Dude is triple O.G.

Oupa wanted a photo of us in front of his bar! Joe, Manderson, and Colin Clarke.

Deep in Kimberley, next stop was a traditional Braai—South Africa’s version of a backyard BBQ.

Lamb chops on the grill.

Rob Meronek of and filmer Colin Clarke enjoying the Braai.

Jorge ‘Porpe’ Angel with some of the hospitable locals.

The van ride got a little turnt up toward the end of the night.

The back panel are a band from Durban called Fruits & Veggies (Manderson is not in the band).

Then Saturday morning, another adventure…

Time for the weekly feeding of the lions!

Here they come!

Chucking gazelle legs into the pens!

Entrails for the whole family!

Little guys gotta eat too!