Still Life: The Golden Age of Barcelona

Before China became the go-to skate destination, the average night at MACBA in the mid-2000s had every skater from around the globe bonding over one-euro street beers and games of SKATE. Here’s a look back at some of the skating from those pre-recession days of marble plunder. —Oliver Barton

This frontside boardslide of Arto was shot when he was living in Barcelona with Ali Boulala and Ewan Bowman filming for Extremely Sorry. Arto had already tried this front board back when he was filming for Really Sorry but he wasn’t feeling it at the time and a few days later he had blown his knee out trying to nollie the big set that you see at the end of his Really Sorry part, so coming back to this rail was facing some old demons. There is a weird drainage grate that drops down right where your front wheels are when you pop and the soccer game on the spot/yappy dog scenario is dictionary definition madness here but Arto pulled this off in the apex style and Ewan bought us all an Indian dinner. Vicarious victory is fantastic, thanks for sharing it Arto!—Oliver Barton