Still Life: The Golden Age of Barcelona

This nollie heel of Brandon Biebel is from a town north of Barcelona called Girona. Biebel, Stefan Janoski, Kyle Leeper and Jason Hernandez used to come to Barcelona all the time and bring an assortment of skate guests with them. Seeing Brandon skate the manual pads at Parallel was a manny masterclass, Brandon can kickflip nose wheelie nollie flip in his sleep. Jason got sick on this trip so one night when everyone in the apartment went out for dinner, he stayed in bed. After an hour of restless sleep, he got out of bed to get some water in the kitchen where he found a street pikey walking around the apartment putting everyone’s electronic items (cameras, laptops etc) in a back pack ready to break out. The pikey panicked and split, spilling most of the electronic swag but Tim O’Connor lost his laptop and some iPods got fenced. Barcelona is so sketchy, sometimes you’ve got to sleep with one eye open.—Oliver Barton