Street League 2012 Kansas City Blog

The course is pretty sick! Lots of flow this time around. We were lucky enough to get a sesh in last night.

The Sprint Center in KC, waiting to get in to shred last night.

The street is blocked off all weekend. McFadden’s hosted the welcome night dinner and party.

Andy Beaumarchais, Mike Fitz, and Ben Kelly.

Lee Dogg was cheering on the beer chugging contest for SL tix.

Dan Abadi, beer pong contender.

Sam Muller and Ben Kelly, psyched and a little worried about the free jumbo brews.

RayRay got Iced.

RayRay and rookie SL skater Ishod Wair.

The Nike dudes might have been having the most fun. Daryl and Scuba.

Billy Marks and Dyrdek talk pong strategy.

Shigeo and ???

Young and innocent Chase Webb with the most popular girl of the night.