Street League 2012 Ontario Finals Photos

Like we said yesterday, Nyjah is simply unbeatable. He handled the semis and the finals looking like he didn’t even break a sweat. All the same ingredients from the qualifiers were here today: backside 180 nosegrind down the hubba, perfect hardflip down the big set of stairs, and the kickflip backside tailslide down the hubba. Another 150,000 dollars in Nyjah’s bank account and a smile on his face. This could be the year he skunks the competition and wins them all. Enjoy the photos below—next stop, Arizona July 14-15! Check out the Finals video.

Photos by Blair Alley and Cameron Strand

Nyjah also took home the Monster Energy Best Trick Award worth $15,000 for landing the highest scoring trick of the day with a Caballerial kickflip backside lipslide for a 9.8. Collectively the 24 SLS pros voted for Jimmy Carlin to win the Zumiez 24-7 Award worth $7,000. After the finals, all the skaters had one more shot to skate in the Chevrolet Overdrive for a chance at $10,000. Tom Asta ended up with the prize, doing amazing tricks all over the course including a kickflip frontside noseslide down the hubba and a switch frontside heelflip down the big set.