Tampa Pro 2012 Blog

We had a two plus hour layover in Dallas, Texas due to a broken motor on our plane. We hopped in this dude’s shuttle and he took us to TGI Fridays. What up Decenzo?

Heavy crew at Reservoir.

Jamey Stone and Keith Wilson gettin’ weird in the Castle.

David J, Nolan, Tommy Z, Mendenhall, and local Sierra.

Bill Weiss, interpretive dance.

Kevin Duffel’s first time in Tampa. We had to show him the Castle on Thursday night.

David J, feeble over the 1/4 pipe in the TM/VIP contest today.

David Jurusik, 50-50 down the hubba.

Keegan Callahan, switch tailslide!

Our boss Skin Phillips was digging this bar’s name.

Keegan, Gunner from Omit, and David killed the VIP contest.

Theotis has an insane new Cap’n Crunch graphic.

Kevin, Keegan, and David at The Castle. Sorry these pics are a little out of order.

Best sandwiches in town!

David J killing the St. Petersburg plaza. Barney Zone edit coming soon.

Tommy Zam took us to Ft Desoto Beach to end the day.

All the skating caught up with us, man down!