Tampa Pro 2013 Blog

Breakfast at The Bricks with Luke Callahan and Mike Fitz.

Chris Troy gettin’ Weezy’s autograph.

Nailed it!

Saturday night, Big Boi rocked the house at The Ritz.

The Ritz was packed.

Justin Strubing with the SPoT Party Team coozie.

Chany Jeanguenin and Chris Troy at The Ritz.

I spy Erica Yary outside after the Big Boi show got out.

Chicks, giant slices, and Robbie Russo.

Tom Remillard got Big Boi’s autograph right next to Buckwick Bill.

Perpetual Motion stars Walker Ryan and Tom Remillard on the streets of Ybor City.

Ryan Clements and Dan Pensyl.

Mike Carroll and Tom Remillard over at The Bricks.

Chany and Tom at The Bricks.

Ladies love Tom.

Scott Koerner and Walker Ryan.

Richard Quintero and the Miami crew.

Sunday afternoon, back at SPoT, Joey Digital in the Nike tent.

Bird’s eye view from the deck of the vert ramp during the awards.

Luan holding up the prize. Time to go party at The Bricks!