Tampa Pro 2013 Blog

Thursday night we kicked it off at the illest Peruvian joint in Ybor City, El Puerto. Highly recommended.

Gabe Clement snaps Ybor’s famous 7th Ave for posterity’s sake.

Oliver Flores psyched on his first Girl shirt ever!

Biebs, Erica, and Skiduls.

Gettin’ turnt with Nyjah and Kenny at The Bricks.

Trev Colden was going for it! Nice photo bomb, Brink!

East Coast in tha house! James ‘Buckdaddy’ Buchmann and David Jurusik.

Brink and Walker.

Trevor, you go boy!

Picturesque Ybor City.

Our boy James Buchmann all up in the TM/Industry VIP contest!

Luke Callahan bonelessing his way to 6th place.

Luke lipsliding the A-frame!

Vern Laird hittin’ the judges wallride.

Joey Digital, five-0 to fakie!

Neckface threw up a tag during his run.

Austyn Gillette tries out the coping with a nice five-0.

Sure it’s a butt shot, but it’s a handsome butt shot! AG, back tailslide.

Ishod knows stalefishes.

Here’s what it looks like when Spanish Mike is taking a photo of you with Theotis.

Sean Malto, nollie heelflip.

Brian Anderson doing an impossible bigspin.

Chaz Ortiz, backside flip to flat.

Welcome to SPoT Friday morning! Rob Meronek will check you in.

Over to St. Pete to kick it with the finest, Tommy Zam!

Saint Pete!

A li’l alley chillin’ in downtown St. Pete with Luke, David Jurusik, and Tommy.

David J, cupping it.

A nice night in St. Pete! We highly recommend it!