Tampa Pro 2013 Finals Photos

By now you know Luan Oliveira came through and smashed the Finals here in Tampa today. He had close competition though, Nyjah had an insane flawless run and Chaz did his usual rapid fire assault on the course. Paul Rodriguez, Austyn Gillette, Sean Malto, and the rest of the finalists were all killing it. Check out this gallery and we’ll have our Finals video up shortly!

Photos by Blair Alley

Full results:

1. Luan Oliveira

2. Nyjah Huston

3. Chaz Ortiz

4. Paul Rodriguez

5. Austyn Gillette

6. Ishod Wair

7. Cody McEntire

8. Evan Smith

9. Sean Malto

10. Greg Lutzka

11. Felipe Gustavo

12. Max Genin