‘The Hype Train’ Premiere Photos

Typical Culture presents: The Hype Train

Words by Brady Ferdig

January 24 at La Paloma in Encinitas marked the first premiere for Zack Dowdy’s full length independent video The Hype Train. Some of San Diego’s hardest transition and street skaters, including Brendan Keaveny, Conner Getzlaf, and Chris Gregson had full parts among other rippers. Despite the late start and the “media offline” clips, this D.I.Y. video killed it with insane front following angles, combo tricks on pool coping, W.S.V.T., and filler footage. The show was free to all ages so all could enjoy some Hype. For some, the Hype started early waiting in line with tall boys before then and migrated to Cap’n Kenos then The Saloon.

Photos by Cameron Strand