Thursday Theater (Oct 9)

Here’s a teaser comin’ out ot NYC/Long Island. See below the video for all the info. Everytime I hear that M.O.P. song, I can’t help but imagine this.

Upload your Thursday Theater clips to! Just register on the homepage and load ‘em up in the YOUR STUFF section. Be sure to tag them Thursday Theater.

We’ll be picking the best clips to feature each week.

Featuring full parts by:
-Billy Mcfeely
-Max Bluestein
-Justin Gottlieb
-Brett Conti
-Sean Powderly
-Steve Plati
-Cody Rosenthal

Unsure of the actual release date of the video, but in the next month or two, I will drop a second promo to tell the date and time of the premiere and all the details, hope you guys enjoy