‘Timspiration’ Tim Brauch Inspired Art Show

Tim “Beans” Brauch was a skater from San Jose who turned pro while still in high school, and he suddenly died in 1999 at only 24 years old from a pre-existing heart condition. He was a simple happy guy who loved his friends, family, girlfriend, skateboarding, fishing, nature, and traveling and he always had a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He was a beautiful man, and fittingly was part of the BMC, the Beautiful Mens Club, started in San Jose by Salman Agah with Jason Adams, JJ Rogers, Crazy Eddie and others. BMC was about being beautiful by just being yourself while drinking cheap beer, eating hot dogs, or riding bikes. The official BMC salute was the index finger raised to the eyebrow, and has now became a salute for Tim. Streets, pools, ramps, ditches or whatever he came across, Tim Brauch could and always would shred, and would probably throw down some crazy blunt variation. Tim was pro for SMA/Santa Cruz, etnies Shoes, and had his own clothing company with Salman Agah called este through Sessions Clothing in the late 1990s. The este eagle head logo has also become a symbol that represents Tim and how he lived his life free with spread wings. Everywhere he traveled in the world for skateboarding he spread smiles and positive vibes to the kids he met. Anyone who ever met Tim knows he was a special person and amazing skater who will always be missed but never forgotten, and he will always continue to Timspire us.
Photos and words by Erik Olsen
Video edit by Matt Evs