TWS 10: Handplants Explained By Jeff Grosso

Outside of your basic invert, I was always intrigued by the colorful names, variations, and pecking order of the niche vert handplant game. Here are 10 variations explained by a man in the know. Up front, Jeff wanted this made clear: “It’s an old forgotten sect. But what should be said is that Neil Blender is the king— always will be the king, there is no one better. He made it all up. He didn’t necessarily make all the tricks up, but he’s the dude that figured out how to contort them all.”—Mackenzie Eisenhour

1. Sad Plant: Tweaked invert: “A sad plant would be the straightening of your front leg. Kind of like a shifty ollie, but grabbing the board. You can sad a frontside invert. You can sad an Andrecht. But for a purist’s sake, let’s just say it’s a regular invert, where you straighten your front leg. As far as the name, Neil Blender took a photo of Lance Mountain skating Sadlands in Anaheim in the dark. Lance was straightening his leg in the photo, so it was dubbed the “sad plant.”

Lance Mountain, Sad Plant. Flip Extremely Sorry