TWS 10: Legendary Tricks In The Rain

When water is like poison for skateboards, even light rain counts for rain. Matt Miller snaps on ollie over the bar and into the bank in stormy weather. Photo: CHAMI

The cold and damp winter months might hamper your sessions some, but here are 10 reasons you can never write off skating completely—come rain or come shine. The following, in no particular order, are 10 of the more memorable tricks laid down in the rain over the years.—Mackenzie Eisenhour
1. Pat Duffy
Backside lipslide,
Questionable (’92)

Yup. As the cherry on top of his already monumental Questionable part, Duffy essentially does the first legit (over four-stair) back lip ever on a rail with puddles already covering the run-up and rollaway and rain drops hitting the lens.