TWS 10: Memorable Tow-Ins

On the occasion of this 3onth’s cover being a tow-in, we decided to listicle the most memorable motorized vehicle assists. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s take a second to salute tow-in OG and Hill Valley, California, skateboard legend Marty McFly. Marty invented the tow-in back in 1955 (and according to some, invented the skateboard itself, along with revolutionizing the electric guitar solo at the “Enchantment Under The Sea” Hill Valley High dance that year) after breaking the handlebars off a milk-crate scooter and outsmarting a band of local hoodlums led by notorious date rapist Biff Tannen in a high-speed chase through downtown. Having briefly resurfaced in the mid-80s as a factory flow rider of Madrid Valterra boards, Marty is currently missing in action and was last seen living in a broken-down ’85 DeLorean DMC-12 off a freeway on-ramp in Hollywood—allegedly begging passersby for plutonium. Stay up, Marty.
—Mackenzie Eisenhour

(Homepage Illustration / Kyle Metcalf)

1. Wade Burkitt: Thrill Of It All, 1997
Burkitt’s part-ending van tow-in to plus-sized pole jam in the first Zero video is the first one to come to mind. Go watch this part right now. It’s one of my all-time favorites, and Wade’s style to some power-chord AC/DC is eternally timeless. #highwaytohell.