This week the TWS Archives brings back the July 1998 issue with Neil Heddings on the cover with a frontside 270 deep in San Diego’s Barrio Logan. Scroll through this issue to and revisit the Ams of the era including Tampa AM with Nathan Smith, Danny Gonzalez, Kerry Getz, Brian Sumner, and Mike Peterson as the top five finalist. More up and coming Ams in “It’s The Amateur Overload” with AVE, Adrian Lopez, Richard Mulder, Mike Maldonado, Pontus Alv, Jerry Hsu, Rick McCrank, and plenty more. Take a brake away from amateur hour with Keith Hufnagel’s Pro Spotlight feature and get a double dose of East Coast features in “Manhattan: Modern Playground” and “Pennsylvania Blowout”. – Oswaldo Sanchezpages 001pages 002-003pages 004-005pages 006-007pages 008-009pages 010-011pages 012-013pages 014-015pages 016-017pages 018-019pages 020-021pages 022-023pages 024-025pages 026-027pages 028-029