TWS Archives September 2007 Vol. 25 Issue 9

This week the TWS Archives brings back the Louie Barletta cover, the 9th Annual Awards Issue of September 2007 (Vol. 26 Issue 9) where enjoi took home best video with Bag of Suck. Other award winners include Lance Mountain, Mark Appleyard, Bob Burnquist, Braydon Szafranski, and Jerry Hsu. On top of the year’s awards, this issue includes a behind the scenes look of TransWorld’s 19th video Let’s Do This!, a Roll Call with Emmanuel “Eman” Guzman and 20 Questions with Clint Peterson. –Oswaldo Sanchez

Take a “serious” look at Louie’s Pro Spotlight from the following year.

TWS Archives September 2007 Vol. 25 Issue 9:

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Check out Jerry Hsu in Bag of Suck (winner of Best Video Part and Readers’ Choice)

Check out Emmanuel Guzman’s part from Let’s Do This!