TWS C.U.T. Presented by WeSC Minneapolis Wrap Up

Minneapolis, Minnesota has one of the best skate scenes in the country. This past Saturday, our Come Up Tour presented by WeSC stop at Familia Headquarters was too sick. The locals were some of the coolest people we’ve met so far and the caliber of skating was nuts. Local legends Clint Peterson and Tabari Cook, and Andy Conrad from Coal Headwear, were our judges and their job wasn’t easy. After an intense Best Trick finals on the rails, we gave Kirian Stone our Prime C.U.T. award—he ripped around the course all day with a buttery style. Third place went to Ricky Nunn who hardflip back lipped the rail, and also hardflip front boardslid it too! Second went to Corey Millett, who, among other bangers, did a nollie flip frontside 50-50 on the rail. First place went to local killer Dan Coe who did too many flip-in to grind and slide tricks to mention. Just watch the edit. See you this Saturday Chi-Town! Skaters, submit your footy tapes now to be pre-qualified for the finals!

Photos by Alex Uncapher, video by Benji Meyer
Music: PAWS Jellyfish, Cokefloat!

Special thanks to our C.U.T. sponsors: WESC, Independent, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Olloclip, Fred Water, House Of Marley, I Ride I Recycle, Coal Headwear

Chicago, we’ll see you this weekend at Piotrowski Skate Park, April 20 in conjunction with Uprise!