Volcom Damn Am 2014 Finals Photos

It was an action packed day as the Volcom Damn Am 2014 Finals went off at the Volcom HQ in Costa Mesa, California. Two semi-final heats of 20 funneled into the 12 skater finale where Axel Cruysberghs from Belgium took the win, followed by Tyson Bowerbank and Anthony Anaya coming in second and third. Congratulations Axel and Tyson, who will each go directly to the Tampa Am Semi-Finals later this year. Right after the finals ended the rail was upsized and all hell broke loose for 25 minutes during the DVS Best Trick Contest. Big shout out to Franky Villani who rolled away with the best trick of the day, a bigspin Bennett grind switch frontside 180 out.  Thanks to everyone at Volcom, DVS, and The Skatepark of Tampa for putting on another damn good Damn Am contest.  Come back to twskate.com tomorrow for the recap video, in the meantime check out photos from Sunday’s finals and DVS Best Trick Contest.

Photos / Shigeo

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