Walker Ryan: Perpetually Proper Extended Interview

Walker Ryan kicks off our new Interview Issue (not to mention an incredible cover) that just hit newsstands yesterday. Here’s an exclusive extended interview with quite a few more words and topics than we could fit into the April issue. We’ll be posting more of these with our other interview subjects.

Perpetually Proper

Words by Blair Alley

Nollie 360 flip. Photo: CHAMI

Walker’s unfadeable skill on a skateboard isn’t news to anyone, but this dude’s lifestyle and growing travel résumé would make Anthony Bourdain jealous—Walker could go toe to toe wine tasting with him as well. He’s been globetrotting so hard in the paint, he hasn’t had to pay rent in months, and he’s not planning to for at least another year. Walker is truly getting more out of being a pro skater than most of these guys do. So read up on the 2013 of Walkdiggity@hotmail.com. If there’s a single person that will solidify your faith in humanity, it’s Napa Valley’s own fine wine of a skateboarder. Skate Homies Underground Family For Life.

What are you doing right now?

Just kicking it at my mom’s house drinking some wine with Eric Lesar and my mom’s friend. Napa Vally life dude [laughs].

Where are you living right now?

Difficult question to answer—I’m not living anywhere per se. I moved out of San Francisco in July (2012), so I haven’t had a spot since then. I’ll come back and kick it with my mom for a week or so. I’m just floating.

Where have you been staying?

My girlfriend lives in New York, so when I have a lull, I’m out there in Manhattan. I stay with friends in San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, and then I’m trip to trip. I’m trying to not have a spot for at least another year.