Walker Ryan: Perpetually Proper Extended Interview

Portrait: SKIN

What’s your travel plans for this year then after the TransWorld part?

The week after the premiere, I’m going to meet up with (Patrik) Wallner in China and we’re gonna do another video part for my (C1RCA) shoe release. I’m not gonna get a return ticket just yet. I’m gonna go out there for at least a month/month and a half. I want to visit some of those cities that haven’t been explored too thoroughly by skaters yet. Patrik works a lot with Converse China out there and gets to go on all these trips to different Chinese cities. I’m really excited.

You’ve seen that crazy city that’s in Mongolia?

Ordos! Yeah, Patrik went on that trip. He helped make that video. He was telling me it was so crazy. A city made for millions of people but only a couple thousand people live there. I want to know the details about that. Was it poor planning? Like “We have all this invested, we’re going to build this city.” “Wait, we can’t get people here yet.” “Just leave it for now, it’s great, it’s beautiful. We’ll move people in later.”

Would that be considered a study in Sociology?


Well there you go, further your education. Is that one of the places you’re going to go?

No, it’s off the beaten path. It’s in the middle of the desert.

So that’s the first couple months after I’m done with the TransWorld video, then we’re gonna do a trip to Iran with Patrik. That’s his next big one—Iran and through the Caucases. I’m excited, I’ve heard Tehran is very beautiful and the people are kind and welcoming. They have an incredible skatepark and a skate organization that we want to go check out. We want to do a demo and then get taken around by the person who does the organization if it all works out.