12 Pack: TJ Rogers
With one of the most impressive parts in Damn..., we had Blind's TJ Rogers put down a 12 Pack in our...
12 Pack: Peter Raffin
12 bangers on a cruiser board!
12 Pack: Derek Fukuhara
Newly professional for World Industries, Derek Fukuhara stopped by the TransWorld Park and...
12 Pack: Anton Myrhvold
Anton is back, this time to terrorize our ledges with a 12 Pack.
12 Pack: Jonas Skroder
Jonas Skroder puts a Danish twist on our pool coping for his 12 Pack.
12 Pack: Caswell Berry
Caswell Berry decided to session the tight, brick quarterpipe—he got twelve rad tricks on it.
12 Pack: Robbie Brockel
Robbie Brockel is one of the most understated savages we've ever seen in our park.
12 Pack: Shuriken Shannon
Shuriken week kicks off with this 12 Pack. New video part dropping on Friday!
12 Pack: Kyle Berard
Kyle's transition skills let loose on our hipped quarterpipe.
12 Pack: Marquise Henry
DGK ripper Marquise Henry dropped by the TransWorld park and handled 12 tricks and lines all...
12 Pack: Theotis Beasley
Theotis got buck on our rail and hubbas and banged out twelve tricks.
12 Pack: Louie Lopez
Louie crushed a 12 Pack and put on some homies.
12 Pack: Ben Nordberg
Flip's Prince of Pinnacle and Bath, England's most stylish export, Ben Nordberg, came to our park...
12 Pack: Steve Nesser
The High Five pro and all around ripper Steve Nesser dropped by the TransWorld park and handled...
12 Pack: Anthony Shetler
World Industries pro Anthony Shetler takes our 12 pack feature to the streets and gets 12...
12 Pack: Tommy Sandoval
Tommy Sandoval is known for getting gnarly, but when he came through the TransWorld park he...