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Through The Eyes Of: Jerome Campbell
Get a brief tour of Jerome’s new pad, before venturing out into the city for a...
Blueprint Welcomes Jon Nguyen
Jon Nguyen is now part of the Blueprint Skateboards family.
Blueprint On The Road Again
Kevin Coakley, Jon Nguyen, Marty Murawski and Paul Shier went on an adventure to see friends...
Blueprint Links
Blueprint boss Paul Shier just sent over this group of links to let you all know what the team is up to.
Blueprint Shier Cam
It features Marty Murawski, Kevin Lowry, Dave Mackey, Yaje Popson, Zered Bassett and Brian Brown.
Blueprint Make Friends UK Tour Part 2
Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Colin Kennedy, Nick Jensen, Danny Brady, Neil Smith,...
Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week (10.15.10)
Danny Brady pinnicality, Banksy Vs. The Simpsons, lingerie...
Danny Brady Blueprint newsHIT
Do you have any words you live by? "Tea, coffee, toast, man."