Darren Navarette

TWS Archives September 1995 Vol. 13 Issue 9
The September 1995 issue has three different interviews including Chris...
A Trip With Santa Cruz & Creature Through British Columbia
Tag along with Eman, Raffin, Strubing, Navarette, Reyes,...
Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Halloween
Fritz Mead, the Vertical Vampire, Simon Woodstock, The...
Bucky’s Boo-BQ
Bucky, Bob Burnquist, PLG, Darren Navarette, and more!
Bucky’s 2013 Boo-BQ Photos
Get some good costume ideas and check out the ripping at Bucky's!
2012 Skate & Create CREATURE Gallery
We wrap up 2012 Skate & Create with this nice photo gallery of the Creature...
Skate & Create 2012: Awards Party Video
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Skate & Create 2012: Party & Premiere
Creature wins! Check the photos from last Friday's party and premiere.
Boneless One, A Tribute To Jeff Phillips
Saturday, May 28 was the first annual Jeff Phillips tribute in his hometown of...
Skate Date Montage
Lots and lots of rippers in this montage.
Vox Signing CCS Santa Monica
Dan Drehobl, Darren Navarette, Dave Bachinsky, Pat Duffy, Peter Watkins, Bryan Chappo,...
Gravette & Co. Windells Footage
Check out David Gravette, Al Partanen, Darren Navarette, and more ripping up...
Darren Navarette On Iron Fist Clothing
Navs just signed with Iron Fist Clothing.
SC & Creature: Saints & Sinners Tour
Carnage begins May 29.
Polaroids from Rumble In Ramona.