Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Speed & Destruction
Fails, slams, Diego Bucchieri, Zered Bassett,...
Wednesday Woe (March 21)
Is Paul Arnone really trying to feeble grind glass? Amazing.
Wednesday Woe (Jan 18)
Brian Cone must be stoked that his very first concussion was captured on video.
Wednesday Woe (Nov 9)
We're not sure what a "back drain" is, but if Levi Switzer here needed one after this slam, then...
Wednesday Woe (Oct 26)
Ben Ho is going for it on that real skate rat tip. Damn, you just want him to ride away so bad.
Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Wrongboarding
New longboard brakes, rabid monkeys, farting old men,...
Wednesday Woe (Oct 19)
Josh Newsham gets smoked on a sketchy bar, but then gets back up for revenge. Don't you just love...
Wednesday Woe (October 12)
Ryan Woodward takes a digger in a popular ditch. Slippery when wet, bro!
TWS 10: Testicular Tragedies (AKA Classic Sacks)
Wanton testicular damage has long been a mainstream and kiddy favorite....
Wednesday Woe (Sept 28)
Baro Cetin got a little more air than he was expecting on this jump ramp. Who put that ledge...
Wednesday Woe (Sept 14)
We knew pool skating was dangerous, but this is ridiculous!
Wednesday Woe (Sept 7)
Jimmy Hammersten goes head over heels on short but high rail.
Wednesday Woe (August 31)
Damien Loud goes for the block-long manny, and just when you think he's got it, it all ends in...
Wednesday Woe (August 17)
The homey "Gribble" apparently tried to be the hometown hero at the demo.
Wednesday Woe (August 10)
Here's Dylan Lofendo with pretty much the worst case scenario when trying to boardslide a...
Wednesday Woe: Daniel Fullen Vs. El Toro Round 3
Daniel Fullen is back for Round 3 against El Toro.