Grant Godard, B/S feeble
Walla Walla, Wa
in your face
Collin Shue front feeble rnPhoto by Tyler Fredendall
Karlos [Feeble BS Out]
Photo: Oli Delisle
DC in AZ
Check out all the street shredding that the DC dudes did in Arizona. Also click the link to watch the video.
Kenan Taser – front board – photocreds – Nolan Lydon
fron board down the menlo rail
Kenan taser – front 50-50 – photocreds – Nolan Lydon
kenan taser goin frontside down the menlo rail
Nick Forlenza and Kenan Taser- double 50-50 – photocreds – Nolan Lydon
two raw skater hittin the same hubba....
kenan taser – back blunt – photocreds – nolan lydon
kenan back blunting the euro hubba
kenan taser – front feeble – photocreds – nolan lydon
kenan hittin the menlo rail
Malto Nollie Front Feeble at Maloof Money Cup
During the semi-finals at the Maloof Cup
front feeble
Justin Damer killin it…GLC bowl, DC
F/S Feeble Hollywood 16
Alex Valdez F/S Feeble Hollywood 16
Feeble in Cowtown
Friend doing a feeble. Probably my most artistic photo.
as the tittle says is a feeble
miniramp at neighbors house.