DC in AZ
Check out all the street shredding that the DC dudes did in Arizona. Also click the link to watch the video.
HYPE! Flow Promo
The HYPE! flow riders are on their game
Element Flow Footy: Tony Karr For Los Angeles
Skate Vote Or Die!
Element Flow Footy: Matt Fink For Atlanta
Be red, be blue, but whatever you do, make sure you vote!
Element Flow Footy: Morgan Cope For Utah
Is Morgan the change you desire? Will he join Element's team of mavericks in...
Element Flow Footy: John Demar For The O.C.
Ask not what your skateboard can do for you—ask what you can do for your...
Element Flow Footy: Nick Garcia For Long Beach
Second at bat is the LBC's Nick Garcia, just like fellow Elementalists...
Element Flow Footy: Jesse Plumb For Arizona
Straight outta Arizona like 'ol John McCain, it's Freedom Boardshop's Jesse...
Element’s Flow Footy Contest
The fate of these six flowed ams is in your hands...