Frank & Pete #Eagleizeit
Antihero just dropped a new video with Frank Gerwer & Peter Hewitt's adventure around the...
Frank Gerwer On AntiHero Skate Ski
Frank Gerwer took a spin in the bay today on AntiHero's all new Skate Ski.
Cardiel Week Day 5: 5 Favorites
Take a cruise around San Francisco with John's Anti Hero teammate/friend and one of the...
Trujillo, Sauder, Gall, & Gerwer Take New Jersey
After the Metallica Orion Fest in Atlantic City, Tony Trujillo and...
Frank Gerwer, Fly With The Eagle
Frank Gerwer and Antihero have done it again with this hilarious edit.
Frank Gerwer Nose Control
Today Frank Gerwer got a new Thunder Pro Truck and a new video to show that he Nose Control.
Vans Shore Break Baby 3
A push across town with Julien and Frank.
Frank Gerwer’s The Jerk Shoe Release
Last night's party in San Francisco went off with friends coming far and wide...
Frank Gerwer, The Jerk
Frank Gerwer has a shoe coming out with C1RCA Combat called The Jerk.
Frankly Speaking w/Jeff Grosso Pt 1
Just got on the Antihero team and he's already got an episode of Frankly Speaking.
C1RCA Combat Ramondetta x Hightower Party
C1RCA Combat held a release party at the DLX store in S.F. last night for the...
Frankly Speaking w/Peter Hewitt
Frankly Speaking is back as part of the 25 Days Of DLXmas.
Frankly Speaking Part 4
The fourth and final episode of Frankly Speaking's week with Tony Miorana comes to a close today.
Frankly Speaking Part 3
Frank Further tries to Crack Tony's hard candy shell and takes the whole gang for a session at...
Frankly Speaking Part 2
Find out just what makes T-Mo tick.
Antihero’s Frankly Speaking with T-Mo
Antihero's new show Frankly Speaking with Frank Gerwer episode 1 spends a...