Sammy Winter ‘No Regrets’ French Fred Director’s Cut
French Fred made a director's cut edit of a short...
#NOREGRETS Days, Sammy Winter Skates Paris
Sammy Winter skates the Cité de la Mode et du Design thanks to Contiki.
‘HYBRIDATION,’ A Fred Mortagne Film
Flo Mirtain, Sammy Winter, Lucas Puig, Tyler Bledsoe, Arto Saari and...
Fred Mortagne’s ‘Hybridation’ Teaser
French Fred's ‘Publique Domaine’ exhibition video project.
French Fred Crossfire Interview
Our mates at Crossfire have a stellar interview/feature with French Fred and his...
French Fred ‘Hand In Hand’ Interview
French Fred just made his amazing Hand in Hand photo book from his trip...
Flip Classics: Tom Penny ‘Sorry’ Extras
This Tom Penny Extras video was filmed and edited by Fred Mortagne...
Daniel Espinoza By French Fred
The Cliché spots that French Fred creates are always a treat.
Joey Brezinski’s Winery
Chateau Labrusko by French Fred.
French Fred’s Flip Arizona Video
French Fred made this teaser for the Extremely Sorry video between 2006 and 2008...
Javier Mendizabal By French Fred
Another wonderfully shot Cliché short by French Fred.
Charles Collet By French Fred
French Fred does it again with Charles Collet in this wonderfully shot advert for Cliché.
LA Cliché Promo Video Online
French Fred does it again! Check out Cliché's new promo video right here.
La Cliché Promo Video
Cliché is working on a new Promo Video. Check this wonderfully done French Fred trailer.
Cliché Andrew Brophy French Fred Commercial
Check out the new Cliché Andrew Brophy commercial by French Fred.
JB Gillet By French Fred For Cliché
The latest in Fred Mortagne's beautifully shot Cliché ads is none other than OG...