Gold Goons: Kelly Hart
Kelly Hart will be out in full force for Gold Goons.
My Ride: Rodrigo TX
While down in his home country of Brazil on our Official trip, Rodrigo took some time out to break...
Gold Goons Boo Johnson
If this is what Boo Johnson wants you to see, imagine what he has for the Gold video.
‘Gold Goons’ is Coming: Shmatty
Young Shmatty is smoked out, loc'd out, and about to blow minds with his...
‘Gold Goons’ is Coming
The new full length video from Gold Wheels drops soon.
My Ride: Boo Johnson
He nailed a Brothers edit with Keelan, then sat down in our photo studio to show you the nuts and...
My Ride: Shmatty Chaffin
Check that manny trick at the end!
My Ride: Kenny Hoyle
Check out what Kenny Hoyle rides and catch a clip of him in our park.
Ryan Gallant makes the Honor Roll
Expedition and Gold Wheels professional Ryan Gallant makes the trip back east to put...
Video Check Out: Joseph Delgado
Peru’s finest, Queens represent.—Danny Falla
Zumiez Couch Tour 2013: Houston, TX presented by DGK
This one features Houston legend, Bun B, the DGK and Gold Wheels...
My Ride: Josh Kalis
Josh shows off his cruiser board, and his Porsche, and gets a few fun clips in the park.
My Ride: Lenny Rivas
Short and sweet, Lenster lets you know how he's riding. A 7.75 deck, Gold wheels, Venture trucks,...
My Ride: Marquise Henry
Marquise is one smooth dude—find out exactly what keeps him rolling with style.
Video Check Out: Stephen Lawyer
Stephen Lawyer is putting it down for San Diego, Expedition, and Wu Tang. Protect your...
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