EA Skate 2 Video: GvR Edition
See what Goofy vs. Regular '08 looked like as a video game.
2008 GvR Finals: Goofy Montage
How do you get the MVP at GvR? Try landing a kickflip frontside five-0 down the hubba...
2008 GvR Finals: Regular Montage
Chris Cole is a machine. Add in an Andrew Langi, and your Regular team is damn near...
The GvR Finals Game Of SKATE Showdown Slideshow
Figgy, Hendley, Langi, and Chris Cole game of SKATE slideshow.
The GvR Finals Game Of SKATE Showdown – Video
When the 2008 GvR finals somehow ended in a tie, there was only one...
Regulars Win In Overtime At GvR 2008
The skating at this year’s Goofy Vs. Regular was so good, nobody won. Sound...
2008 GvR Finals
Check out overall winner Chris Cole and the rest of the regulars take home the gold at GvR 2008.
2008 GvR Semi Finals
Check out the GvR semi final shredage.
Women Shred GvR
Check out the girls ripping in the women's final at GvR.
Bad Religion To Play Goofy vs Regular 2008
Etnies just unveiled a musical treat today...