Adam Simoni For HYPE!
From his get hyped entry almost two years ago, HYPE! is proud to announce Adam Simoni as the next...
Flow Like Me, Jeff Figueroa
HYPE!'s latest Flow Like Me video is from Jeff Figueroa.
Flow Like Me, Adam Simoni
HYPE! has its latest Flow Like Me with Adam Simoni.
HYPE! Skateboards Spring 2012
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Flow Like Me, Vince Duran
Vince Duran is the first in this series called Flow Like Me, because don’t you want to flow...
Jon Hill Get Hyped Winner
Jonathan Hill is the GET HYPED! winner for August. Check out his footy.
HYPE! Spring/Summer 2011
Check out the new goods for HYPE! this spring and summer.
Chris Jameson, Get HYPED Winner
Chris Jameson is the GET! HYPED winner for February 2011.
Get Hyped! Nathan Guest
GET HYPED! starts off 2011 with an entry from Nathan Guest.
Justin Cefai on HYPE!
HYPE! Skateboards announces Justin Cefai to its team today.
Jeremy Holmes Pro Video Part
Watch Jeremy Holmes' debut pro part
Jeremy Holmes Pro For HYPE!
Jeremy Holmes is now pro for HYPE!, and on November 1, 2010 you can help him celebrate.
Get Hyped! Monthly Contest
HYPE! Skateboards is running a new contest where you can submit your footage and get on flow.
Video Check Out: Jeff Figueroa
Age: 24; Home: Riverside, California; Sponsors: HYPE! skateboards, éS Footwear (flow),...
HYPE! Spring Product
Check out all the new boards (Mike Barker's pro model!) and apparel
HYPE! Tyler Price Promo
Tyler Price brings us the latest in a series of promos for the upcoming HYPE! full length video...