Joe Tookmanian

5Boro Goes East: Episode 1
The 5Boro team gets even more East Coast as they travel to the eastern-most point in North...
One Day With: 5Boro
As NYC Rising week continues, we spend a spring NYC day with the 5Boro crew.
5Boro NYC Commercial #010
Joe Tookmanian and Danny Falla skating the Boro of Brooklyn.
5BORO 2012 Commercial Recap
5BORO just dropped its 2012 Commercial Re-Cap featuring Danny Falla, Jimmy McDonald, Joe...
5BORO NYC Commercial #004 Joe Tookmanian
5BORO NYC Commercial #004 featuring Joe Tookmanian.
5boro’s South American Vacation
The 5B crew traveled south to Colombia, Chile, and Peru to avoid NYC's harsh...