John Fitzgerald

Best Of 2013: Street Part 1
To cap off the amazing year we've had, here's the real deal: 100-percent raw street skating...
Alien Workshop ‘TOUROHIO’ Full Video
From the AWS Ohio article in our December issue, here is Life Splicing...
‘All Terrain Vehicle’ Behind The Scenes + Unused Photos
Check out this gallery of photos from our All...
Riley Hawk, John Fitzgerald, Robbie Brockel, Dee Ostrander, Marius Syvanen,...
Still Life: Muller’s Favorite Am Photos
Growing up in LA as a skateboarder and photographer, Sam Muller has...
My Ride: John Fitzgerald
Get trippy with big John Fitzgerald and his big ride.
All Terrain Vehicle Trailer
Riley Hawk, John Fitzgerald, Robbie Brockel, Dee Ostrander, Marius Syvanen, & Willis Kimbel...
John Fitzgerald Life Splicing Commentary
Here, the big fellah talks about what went into the making of that part.
Choose your favorite set of sequence photos: Daniel Lutheran, Jordan Taylor, Ryan...
Blitz Skate Night, Pawnshop
Starring John Fitzgerald, Donovan Piscopo, Cameron Lucero, Patrick Ryan, and the rest of the...
PHXAM 2013 Finals
Adriano Lachovski took home the first place stop, but he was in a sea of tough competition.
Waffle When-sdays with John Fitzgerald
The latest Waffle When-sday focuses on Alien Workshop's Big John Fitzgerald.
John Fitzgerald Life Spliced
John Fitzgerald talks Life Splicing. Watch the part and see new photos.
Tampa Am 2012 Day 2 Qualifiers
Carlos Ribeiro got the golden ticket today, followed closely by Evan Smith, and Kevin...
Wednesday Wallpaper: John Fitzgerald
Post John on your desktop and you could win a set of Spitfires!
John Fitzgerald Cold War Interview
Zero has updated its Cold War site with a John Fitzgerald Interview.