Bringing Back Kryptonics Episode 8: The Ads
Take a look at some of the classic ads Kryptonics dropped back in the day.
Kryptonics Episode #7 ‘I Need All That Stuff & I Need it Now’
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Kryptonics Episode #6 Jim Goodrich Photos
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BRINGING BACK KRYPTONICS Episode #4: The Formula 2 Parts
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Bringing Back Kryptonics Episode 5
Jim Ford and Jack Smith talk about the first time Kryptonics were used in a contest.
Kryptonics Episode #3, Dave Hackett
Kryptonics Episode #3, Dave Hackett
Kryptonics Episode #2 Facebook Buzz
Episode two of Bringing Back Kryptonics with Jim Goodrich.
Bringing Back Kryptonics Ep. 1
Check out the history of Kryptonics wheels in episode 1. Episode 2 coming soon.