OC Ramps: Dave Bachinsky Triangle Up Ledge
Dave Bachinsky designed an signature series obstacle through OC Ramps the...
OC Ramps: Ramptober 2013
OC Ramps held Ramptober with Shuriken Shannon, Dave Bachinsky, Steven Reeves, Manny Santiago,...
OC Ramps: Shuriken Shannon Welcome to the Team
OC Ramps proudly welcomes Santa Cruz pro Shuriken Shannon to the team.
OC Ramps: Project Hoff Episode 5 Active
Jordan Hoffart wanted to hook up his friends over at Active Rideshop with his OC...
OC Ramps: TJ Rogers Welcome to the Team
After TJ's jaw dropping part in the New Blind video, Damn..., it was only...
OC Ramps Project Hoff: Ronnie Creager
Episode 4 featuring Ronnie Creager.
OC Ramps: Project Hoff Episode 2
Check out some front yard madness with Kelly Hart.
OC Ramps: Project Hoff Episode 1
Episode 1, Jordan skates San Diego's Embarcadero with Shuriken Shannon.
OC Ramps: Welcome To The Team
OC Ramps proudly welcomes Ryan Decenzo, Greg Lutzka, Ronnie Creager, Jordan Hoffart, Dave...
OC Ramp Team: Lutzka, Decenzo, Hoffart
OC Ramps is officially announcing the introduction of its team with Greg Lutzka,...