Phoenix Skate Park
Pulling an ollie in a sunday afternoon
Boned ollie
Michael Nazareno boned ollie
Phat Ollie…Kinda
Just kinda cool looking. To me at least.
Broken Ankle
photo by: Stone
thompson high
photo by: stone
Dock To Bank ollie, Southside Birmingham. Just an ollie but I like the way the pic turned out.
barrier ollie
am shots
Big 4 Set
Duncan Creek Skatepark, 4 Stair, Ollie.
big ollie, daryl
Fakie Ollie
Desert Breeze off the gnarly roll in
a flat ground ollie
Banks 10 set rail ollie
just warming up like every other time i skate nyc
Ollie 180
another simple trick, shot in sequence
Basic ollie trick off a ledge. Shot in sequence
ollie off porch
me ollieing off a porch