richard quintero

World View: Miami
Filmed this past winter in Miami, this is our first World View video with many more to come.
5 Trick Fix: Taylor Nawrocki
Taylor Nawrocki is an East Coast powerhouse regular or switch.
NYC Afternoon In The Park: Joel Meinholz & Yonnie Cruz
An afternoon in the Planetree Skatepark in Queens, New York!
Roll Call: Billy McFeely
Get an update on the Gotham skate scene and the best new videos you need to peep.
DQM In The Cut
The DQM team and friends travel through Connecticut hitting parks, street spots, camping and cliff...
NYC 12 Pack: Kevin Tierney & Dustin Eggeling
DQM's Dustin Eggeling and Zoo York's Kevin Tierney at the LES park.
Joey Pepper HUF Red-Edit
In conjunction with the release of Joey Pepper’s new Pepper Pro, HUF released a re-edit of...
‘Records’ By Richard Quintero
NYC skating with new Pappalardo footage to end it.
‘The Cinematographer Project’ Interview: RB Umali
Get a glimpse into the making of his section, and come...
Vans Bowl-A-Rama Pro Finals
Pedro Barros won it all in the Pro division by skating like a bat out of hell. He's truly on...
Red Bull Manny Mania 2012
Check out winner Joey Brezinski along with Sewa Kroetkov, Brandon Biebel, Ronnie Creager, and...
Richard Quintero
Richard Quintero from New York, New York
Tampa Am 2011 Finals Video
Kevin Romar, Louie Lopez, Ishod Wair, Tommy Fynn, Evan Smith, Trevor Colden, and of course...
Tampa Am 2011 Qualifiers Video
Check out qualifying runs from Curren Caples, Brad Cromer, Nassim Guammaz, Elijah Berle,...