Russell Houghten

Fisheye By Russell Houghten
Russell's fishbowl GoPro experiment with Jordan Taylor, Jimmy Carlin, Jon Goemann, and PJ...
Oliver Barton’s Top 5 YouTubes Of The Week: Gravis & Analog
Arto, Dylan, Houghten, Forstner, and everyone...
Dylan Rieder & the Filter LX
Russell Houghten and Dylan Rieder join forces to showcase the Gravis Filter LX.
Gravis Creative Departures: Belgium
Dylan Rieder, Kevin Terpening, Jake Johnson, Ben Nordberg, and more through the lens...
Deaf Lens Russell Houghten Interview
One of our ace filmers from The Cinematographer Project has an insightful interview...
Kevin Terpening In Slow Motion
Kevin Terpening's no comply filmed in slow mo by Russell Houghten.
Joe Pease For Gravis Quarters
Joe Pease gets slappy happy with Russell Houghten and the new Gravis Quarters.
Russell Houghten Cell Phone Raid
CCS dialed up Analog and Gravis filmer Russell Houghten to see what he had in his...
SHUFFL Shorts: Ryan Harris
Check out Ryan Harris' full part from The SHUFFL Video.
5 Trick Fix (6.22.09)
New Five Trick Fix from Russell Houghten. Featuring Shuriken Shannon, Wes Kremer and more...
5 Trick Fix: Montage
Take a look at this montage of all the 5 Trick Fix so far.
5 Trick Fix (4.13.09)
The Monday after Easter means Spring Break is over, but it also means a new 5 Trick Fix. Featuring...